Small Decisions Have Big Impacts

A few small decisions have big impacts

I read an article by Seth Godin, the famous American entrepreneur, writer, philosopher, and lecturer of Jewish origin. He suggested that instead of wishing that the answers and solutions to problems came from external sources, which of course we cannot control, we focused decisively on those actions where we do have absolute control. Small decisions have big impacts!

For instance, why don´t we look around to see how we can have a big impact around us with just a few small decisions. After all, in this time of crisis, we have become more aware of our interdependence. It is not an «I»| world, it is an «us» world.

It’s up to us now to decide. What if, instead of a selfish act, we choose to cause a big impact, not only on our own lives but on those around us.

Small Personal Decisions That Will Make A Big Impact

For example, be grateful and generous. These small decisions have big impacts and make waves. You will be surprised of the many good things that will came back to you.

Help one more person, every day. It will only make you better.

Also, give more and take less. It is a divine law. Give, give, give!.  Those who sow more, reap the most.

Ask what is the purpose of things happening. What are you learning from it or what is the hidden benefit. There is always a reason.  A good reason. Something good will come out od every situation. Even a dead watch has the right time twice a day.

Equally important, decide to always have an optimistic smile. After all, we are surviving COVID19

Toxicity and sickness are something nobody wants. Let us radiate joy and make a commitment to lift spirits.

Small Decisions Have Big Impact at Work or School

First, Improve when it comes to setting and honoring deadlines. «A man is as good as his word» goes the saying.

Secondly, sit in the first or first rows at meetings, events, even in the church. Start doing it. You will understand after you do at least half a dozen times,

Always maintain that front-row attitude. Once you acquire it, keep it as the treasure it is.

Additionally, ask that question that no one dares to ask in a meeting. Why would you stay silent and dumb?

Learn how to handle a new tool or skill. You need to be ready. Your ax needs to be sharp. You have got to be a master in your craft. The best of the best. Tops. Always ready, always ahead.

The Dreaded Traffic And Waiting In Lines

When we go out again and driving and traffic (it sucks) come back to our life, let´s decide not to block street intersections causing chaos after us.

Also, let´s keep an eye on the light changes at the traffic light to speed up traffic. There are people with needs in those vehicles behind you. Shave or apply make up at home.

Last, but not least, thing,even if no one else does it, let´s you and I respect other people turns and lines.

These small decisions have big impacts. All of them we can make without someone’s permission, without anyone else deciding for us

In short, we are better at focusing all our energy on those things that we can control, and that have a positive impact on us and the world around us.

Please leave your comments or let us know what resonated with you. I will be in touch before our next balcony chat. I will make sure coffee is hot and wine is cool. Enjoy life!

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