Decision Making Process in 8 Easy Steps

how you decide is the difference between failure and success.
Decision-making process

Life is certainly a continuous decision-making journey. We make thousands of decisions every day. Decision making starts at wake up time, when we choose if we get out of bed or not, taking a shower or not, to have breakfast or not, which clothes to wear, and so on until the time we resolve to go back to sleep again. We could infer that the decision-making process is simple, however, there are times when we don´t know which way to go. Remember, how you decide is the difference between failure and success.

As Anthony Robbins, the well-known author, speaker, and personal coach well says: “It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” We must be well prepared and qualified to make decisions and make them correct.

Perhaps you are faced with a dilemma, a problem or situation, to which you need to decide today. Well, these conditions and circumstances, are temporary. How you face them, how you decide is the difference between failure and success.

How To Successfully Decide In Eight Easy Steps

So, for making wise decisions I recommend following these eight steps:

  • Identify the Problem

You must dig deep, peel out all the layers that cover a situation, the real problem. To come out with a solution you should first eliminate the ambiguity and determine what the problem really is.

  • Analyze the problem.

Once identified, you must weigh the problem and understand its real dimension and nature.

  • Consider your goals and objectives

Keeping your goals and objectives on target is a must. It will give you the focus, strength, courage, and motivation to do what is best for the case.

  • Look for alternative solutions

Thinking outside the box is great advice when considering solving problems. Not always the obvious is the right path to come out with an answer to a problem

  • Choose the best alternative for you and your goals and objectives

Keep in mind that the best alternative might not be the one you were wishing to adopt. It is what works best towards achieving your goals and meeting your objectives

  • Put the decision into practice

Once a decision has been made there is nothing else to do but to act. Put it into practice as soon as possible.

  • Accept responsibility for your decisions

You and only you are responsible for the outcome of your decisions. If it worked, good for you. If it did not, correct, rinse, and repeat.

  • Evaluate the results of your decisions

Evaluation allows growth. There is always room for learning and growing, regardless of the results. If everything came out well, great! You have a proven way to do something.  If it is not working well or can be improved, just do it. You are on time!

Life is Short, How You Decide Is The Difference Between Failure And Success!

Finally, something to think about. Steve Jobs, whose indisputable relevance in the forging of the world as we know it today, loved by many, hated by many others once said that recalling the fact that he knew he was going to die soon, constituted the tool he used to help him make the big decisions in his life.

Please leave your comments or let us know what resonated with you. I will be in touch before our next balcony chat. I will make sure coffee is hot and wine is cool. Enjoy life!

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