What does Covid19 mean to you?

«Man is troubled not by events, but by the meaning he gives to them»

Life is precious
A Fresh New Start Everyday

COVID 19 Means A Fresh New Start

The world as we knew it flipped- Life changed for everyone. This is not news. It is our new reality. We no longer go to church, stadiums, parks, theaters, schools, offices,. People do not travel, do not stay at hotels, do not go have the restaurant experience. Little COVID 19 came to change the order of things. The Earth was suffering, Many families were not a family. no family union at all. Work was stagnant. Life, for almost everyone, was a merry-go-round. A routine. But everything was in its place

Then, something happened in China, a very remote place. The Far, very far East. Poor people, you and I thought, it has got to be tough!. And our lives kept on going as normal. People died by the hundreds in that far, far away land, and it only meant 1 or 2 minutes of our attention. Our busy lives felt sorry for those numbers suffering. But, after all, what else could you do?.

COVID 19 Means Nothing To Me

Next, Europe. Spain and Italy. Other countries, too. Still, very far away. There is an ocean between us. You and I started to pay a bit more attention. Some of us said: «it´s like ebola, that shit is not gonna hit us»

Governments started reacting and taking measures. Mass meetings were no longer allowed. They said that events, where 500 or more were to meet, were not permitted. New regulations appeared on a daily basis.

Jokes and memes were all over the place. One of those struck me. I realized that it was not a matter of 500 people. You only need one infected person to be infected. Every person next to you is a nuclear bomb, to put it into perspective.

COVID 19 Means A New Order Of Things

Covid19 came to change the order of things. I am writing this on a Sunday evening, May 31st, to be precise. There have been reports of Ozone layer rehabilitation, nature recuperating at a tremendous rate, Wildlife extending its boundaries. Oceans and forests and the living creatures in it have flourished in less than 90 days. There is great meaning behind these things.

What what does Covid19 means to you?

My Hometown Buys the Tarantino Story but ignores The Lethality of COVID19

We all know it is deadly. Well, coming to think about it, I am not too sure. For instance, in Barranquilla, Colombia, someone, with the intent of creating expectancy around a film festival he was organizing, announced that Quentin Tarantino was going to be the main attraction at his festival.

Everyone in the city believed his story and the fancy hovered the city for more than fifteen days. But, no one has believed in the lethality of Covid19.

People either by ignorance or irresponsibility kept living their lives ignoring the imminent risk of massive life losses.

Immortal Youth

I am in my 60´s. Just starting my sixties. Proud of the life I have lived. I mean, all the ups and downs you want. One thing is still fresh in my mind. When you are twenty, in the early thirties, you are immortal. Nothing can destroy you. not alcohol, nor drugs, or overspeeding. Unnecessary risks were welcome and celebrated. Not a thing could take your life. After all, you are immortal.

Why worry? One day, Something, anything will come an take our life away. Why COVID 19 should be a matter of worry? Life remains the same. Parties. Hanging out. «I mean, you have got to be out of your mind if you think I am going to wear that mask». by the way, «

COVID 19 Only Means Discomfort To Some

Nevertheless, it is so sad to be a spectator, a witness with no say. COVID 19 means discomfort and alteration of the regular life of some young people. It means no harm, no threat. Luckily, there is awareness in the vast majority of them.


Fear is in the air. Many people are terrified around the world. But, with all due respect, why would you fell prey to fear?

On the practical side, the first thing we have got to do is obey the instructions given by the authorities. You do that and you are covered. So, if they tell you to stay home to preserve your safety, and you comply, then you are safe.

Most of us believe we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We believe there is someone higher than us. God. Give it the name you want. The faith that I have adopted, the God that I have recognized as the one and only, tells me not to be afraid. Not once. Not twice, but hundreds of times through his word.

Then, why would I be afraid?

Is my God, the Supreme and Divine being that created me and holds the Earth and everything in it, in His hands, incapable of dealing with this pandemic and the things it brings or takes away?

No. The answer is no. There is plenty of evidence in His word.


All I see is an opportunity. What do you see? There is a chance to reinvent ourselves, our businesses. The way we do things. Now we have the opportunity to weigh things and remove the unnecessary. To reshape everything we do. To look at life and the way we do things in a different manner. Accordingly, what are the most important things now? You probably agree with me that they have always been. How come we noticed them now?

Family life matters. Dinner is a precious moment. And an opportunity to thank God for what we have. Reinvention at work has been terrific. New aspects of our daily requirements have been discovered.

I am speaking for the ones that due to the service we provide, still active. For the ones forced to start again, huge opportunity. Please, do not let the chaos, the decline, absorb you, annihilate you. Huge opportunity. Reinvent yourself. reinvent your craft, your service, your life

What Does COVID19 Mean To You?

Your opinion is very important. Please share with us what does COVID19 means to you Please leave your comments and questions below. I will answer before our next balcony chat. I will make sure coffee is hot and wine is cool. Enjoy life and grab the opportunity!

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Hola. Soy Jaime Ballestas, Coach, maestro y emprendedor. Disfruto leer, escribir, caminar entre la naturaleza y admirar la creación. Claridad, propósito de vida, metas y sueños son temas que me apasionan y que aquí discutiremos. Mi propósito es ayudar a los demás a encontrar claridad, a que descubran su propósito de vida, y alcancen sus metas y sueños. Uno de mis objetivos es ayudar al mayor número posible de personas a convertirse en la mejor versión de si mismos. Otro objetivo es ayudarles a crecer día tras día. La felicidad es un viaje, por lo tanto, hay segundas e incluso terceras oportunidades, para vivir la vida al máximo. Espero que vengas a visitar a menudo. Siempre eres bienvenido. Hablaremos abiertamente sobre lo trascendente pero también sobre lo mundano. sobre los llamados temas “pesados” y “ligeros”. En otras palabras, nos divertiremos mientras crecemos juntos, tomando café o una copa de vino, en nuestras charlas en el balcón.

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  1. Muy buena reflexión sobre lo que está sucediendo, cada uno lo estamos viviendo de manera muy diferente y por eso puede que el covid signifique tantas cosas como oportunidades, nuevos proyectos, descanso

    1. Muy cierto. Para muchos ha significado descanso. Hay muchos empeando nuevos proyectos. Se habla de gente reinventandose. Hay muchos que aún no han asimilado el cambio y se sienten agobiados.
      Es tiempo de reflexión. de pensar, ¿Cómo usaré este momento? ¿Que lección o lecciones debo aprender?
      Gracias por tu comentario.

  2. Se me viene a la mente una reflexión… todos estamos navegando en aguas de incertidumbre, sin embargo, no todos
    navegamos en el mismo barco… cada quien va en lo que tiene y en lo que puede… así que el significado sería tan relativo… totalmente polisémico. Sin embargo un común denominador si me parece el concepto de «reinventarse», y este me lleva a otra reflexión de Quien se llevó mi queso? Y es que la vida no se detiene, quienes permanecemos inmóviles ante los cambios somos nosotros, y si no despertamos rápido y lo asumimos, nos vamos quedando atrás…

    1. De acuerdo Yeya, el llamado es a despertar. «svegliati è primavera» dicen los italianos. Despierta es primavera. Creo que la primavera es tiempo de renacimientos, de renaceres, mejor. De oportunidades.Esto nos desestabilizó, pero el que reaccione más rápido y con la visión, la perspectiva correcta, ese saldrá avante.

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